A Great Place to Invest

For investors, the Toronto region possesses an established Human Health & Sciences ecosystem that is ripe for building a diverse health investment portfolio at attractive valuations. It offers the perfect mix of science, business and lifestyle all located within the only growing metro region in North America.

Cost Advantages

The Toronto region offers an ideal business location due to its lower cost of doing business compared to many other major North American cities of similar size. According to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014 Special Report: Focus on Tax, Toronto is the most tax competitive major international city in the world, ranking first overall of 51 cities studied on the total tax index across all operations and sectors. Its research and development costs are also far lower, as are its corporate and digital services costs than in these other cities.

Low Business Location Costs

Source: Competitive Alternatives, KPMG’s Guide to International Business Location Costs – 2014 Edition

Business Incentives

The Ontario Provincial Government and Canadian Federal Government offer a number of tax incentives to encourage new business investment in the Toronto region. Canada offers the most generous R&D tax credits in the G7, resulting in the lowest costs in R&D-intensive sectors.

Advanced Business Environment

The Toronto region offers a convergence of leading-edge medical research with international business expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Learn more about the region’s advanced business environment.

Learn why the Toronto region is also a great place to live.

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