A Great Place to Live & Work

With over 8 million people and climbing, the Toronto region is the only growing metropolitan region in North America, welcoming about 100,000 new residents each year. Canada’s skills-based immigration system ensures many are highly skilled. With robust technology and transportation infrastructures, excellent quality of life and one of the world’s most educated and culturally diverse workforces, the region is a highly attractive business location and long-term investment option.

Source: Statistics Canada (Toronto & Montreal Census Metropolitan Areas) and US Census (US Metropolitan Statistical Areas). 1990 for US Cities, 1991 for Canadian Cities

Residents enjoy a high quality of life and big city career and leisure opportunities without the sacrifices typically associated with big city living. The Toronto region boasts one of the lowest costs of living compared to other global cities and has been ranked by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s 2015 Safe Cities Index as the “#1 Best Place to Live” for safety, liveability, cost of living, business environment, democracy and food security in the world.

Toronto 74.3 $2,680 $1,090
Montreal 81.8 $3,220 $1,360
New York 100 $11,060 $3,380
Los Angeles 75.8 $3,300 $1,200
Chicago 79 $3,170 $1,400

Source: Prices & Earning, CIO Wealth Management Research, Sept. 2012

Educated, Diverse Talent Pool

Thanks to Canada’s skills-based immigration system and its high percentage of university and college graduates employers have access to a significant, culturally diverse pool of highly educated and skilled citizens.

The Toronto region is home to one of the largest, most ethnically diverse populations in North America. Nearly half of all Torontonians are foreign born, a much higher percentage than in many other major North American cities, including Boston, San Francisco and San Diego.

In terms of educational attainment, more than 56.7 per cent (2012 census stats) of Toronto region residents age 25 and older had some form of post-secondary education, which includes certificates, diplomas and degrees from colleges, polytechnics, and university.

Connected to the World

The Toronto region is a global hub which is connected to other major cities around the world by two international airports and a downtown rail link providing same day service to major U.S. centres such as Boston, Chicago and New York. The region’s culturally diverse talent pool also enables greater global connectivity in the workplace.

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