The Toronto region’s HHS cluster offers specialized scientific infrastructure and globally recognized expertise, and is known for conducting pioneering research in the following areas:

Examples of World-Class Research Talent:

  • Dr. Tak Mak – Breast cancer
  • Dr. Rob Bristow – Prostate cancer
  • Dr. Aaron Schimmer – leukemia
  • Dr. Sandra Black – Stroke and Neurodegeneration
  • Dr. Sid Kennedy – Depression
  • Dr. Andras Nagy – viral-free iPS cells
  • Dr. John Dick – Blood stem cells
  • Dr. Michael Fehlings – Spinal cord regeneration
  • Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro – Diabetes
  • Dr. Stephen Scherer – Pioneering genomic variation and genomics of autism
  • Dr. Dev Sidhu – Protein structure and function
  • Dr. David Jaffray – radiation physicist and Director of STTARR
  • Dr. Narinder Paul – cardiothoracic imaging at TGH
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