Cost Advantages

With lower clinical trial management costs than in the United States and streamlined operations and approvals processes thanks to a new single ethics review for multi-centre clinical trials, the Toronto region has become an ideal location for global clinical trials. Additionally, Ontario clinical trial data is recognized by U.S. and EU authorities.

Toronto 1448 591 41
Montreal 966 507 52
Vancouver 963 296 43
San Francisco 1041 471 45
Boston 2411 1072 44

Data compiled from A service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Access to a Highly Diverse Participant Pool

The region is home to a unique pool of potential clinical trials participants due to its large, ethnically diverse population. Nearly half of all Torontonians are foreign born, a much higher percentage than in many other major North American cities.

Access Leading-Edge Informatics and Data

The region possesses robust digital infrastructure, as well as a universal healthcare system to support comprehensive data collection, analytics and sharing. Through the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), which leads cutting-edge studies that evaluate healthcare delivery and population outcomes, there is access to a vast and secure array of Ontario’s demographic and health-related data, including:

  • Population-based health surveys
  • Anonymous patient records
  • Clinical and administrative databases
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