Innovative Medicines Canada represents Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry.

Our membership consists of more than 50 companies, from established organizations
to fledgling startups, all of whom are revolutionizing healthcare through the discovery
and development of new medicines and vaccines.

Guided by a strict Code of Ethical Practices, we work with governments, insurance
companies, healthcare professionals and stakeholders to advance the field and
enhance the well-being of Canadians. We are committed to being valued partners in
Canada’s healthcare system.

We aim to achieve these goals by forming effective alliances and supporting policies,
improving Canada’s regulatory environment, widen access to innovative medicines
and protect intellectual property.

We believe in ensuring that Canadians have access to the innovative treatments they
need and that our activities are a fundamental part of safeguarding our healthcare
system for future generations. Our work allows our members to focus on what
matters: delivering better healthcare solutions to Canadians.

A thriving innovative industry is important to Canada.

Our members create jobs and contribute to the sustainability of our healthcare
system. New medicines represent some of the most scientifically advanced, safest

Innovative medicines and vaccines ease the burden on our healthcare system and help
to ensure that when someone needs safe and effective medical care, that it is


When it comes to academics and cutting-edge research, Canada has a lot to be proud
of. Our country is home to some of the best researchers, scientists and research
infrastructure in the world. Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical companies have
partnered with universities and research centres across the country to leverage their
expertise and push the boundaries of medical innovation. Put plainly, these
collaborative efforts save lives.

Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry is committed to helping our country
reach its full potential in providing quality healthcare and growing the economy. We
must work together with all healthcare partners to identify opportunities for further
growth and development of our knowledge-based life sciences economy.


Globally, the pharmaceutical industry contributes $6.7 billion in research funding to
universities and clinical research institutes. Some of the best institutions are located
right here in Canada and in Toronto. Sharing our findings is also crucial to our success.
Our companies share their research with institutions like the Ontario Institute for
Cancer Research, and MaRS Innovation, among others.

Scientific discovery is enabled by academic institutions and Toronto boasts world class
universities. Its Discovery District represents blocks of concentrated brain power.

These and other partnerships have resulted in new treatments for both Canadians and
others around the world.


We know Canada has some of the best researchers and scientists in the world, and a
vibrant life sciences sector. Some of the world’s greatest medical discoveries have
come from Canadian scientists; insulin is a great example of how Canadian
innovations change and save lives.

Our investments support local economies and offer Canadian doctors and hospitals
access to innovative new therapies, allowing them to provide better care to

At present, there are more than 500 new products in development in Canada,
including therapies focused on cancer treatments, infectious diseases and vaccines.
These products have the potential to help Canadians and people all over the world live
longer and healthier lives.

While we’re working hard to continue medical research and development in our
country, the reality is Canada only attracts approximately 1 per cent of pharmaceutical
research and development investment in the world. Canada has an immense
opportunity to attract foreign investment–and more clinical trials–but only if we
support our industry and create a regulatory environment on par with the rest of the

We are taking steps to make Canada the ideal destination for clinical research. The
Canadian Clinical Trials Coordination Centre was created to implement an action plan
to strengthen and improve clinical trials in Canada and streamline processes for
companies and researchers. The Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map is a unique, robust,
searchable web-based database designed to communicate Canada’s clinical research
strengths to all stakeholders, including clinical trial sponsors.


President, Innovative Medicines Canada

As President of Innovative Medicines Canada, an association of life sciences companies, Russell Williams is a well-known champion and advocate for many causes, including better patient care, improved emergency services, increased R&D, individual rights, language and constitutional policy, and reform for handicapped services.


Innovative Medicines Canada QUICK FACTS

We help our members discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines and vaccines.

The Canadian pharmaceutical industry supports 32,000 high-quality, well-paying jobs in Canada.

Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical companies invest more than $1 billion every year into research and development to find new ways of treating and curing illnesses and diseases.

Our industry creates an overall economic impact of more than $3 billion a year on Canada’s economy.

Innovative Medicines Canada
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