Sanofi Pasteur Canada has been manufacturing lifesaving vaccines in Toronto for over one hundred years. We are deeply rooted in this city – where our company’s story began, and where we continue to operate from our site on Steeles Avenue West. Over the course of several name changes and acquisitions, Sanofi Pasteur grew, just as the city expanded and evolved around it.

As a Canadian, it brings me great pride, knowing that many pioneering triumphs in vaccine R&D have taken place on our soil: key milestones in the global control of diseases like diphtheria, pertussis, smallpox and polio. Without a doubt, a strong relationship with the Ontario government has helped fuel much of this success.


We’ve worked closely with the Ontario government over the years, including the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Employment, and the Ministry of Research & Innovation. We’ve made some major investments at this site, which the Ontario government has supported through its Biopharmaceutical Investment Program. Five years ago, we completed a new R&D Building – a $100 million research and development facility, of which $14 million was funded by the provincial government.

The facility opens up the opportunity for Sanofi Pasteur Canada to secure future global manufacturing mandates for new vaccines. This in turn creates jobs in R&D and manufacturing – bringing critical mass to the site in Toronto as well as to Ontario’s life science economy.


Toronto has been a tremendous source of local talent, and has provided a solid framework for Sanofi Pasteur’s growth over generations. It has always been a receptive platform for change and exploration. Innovation is necessary to drive productivity, to drive global competitiveness, which will in turn raise living standards for all Canadians. At the heart of innovation you need talent, you need the right skills
and experience, you need funding from both private and government sectors, and you need things like an intellectual property regime that is world-class competitive. Those are the ingredients that have to come into play, and our city has it all.


Sanofi Pasteur Canada looks forward to continuing to operate and grow in this great city. This means looking at further investments to expand our manufacturing capabilities, but just as importantly, more collaborations with local associations, governments and academia. With one hundred years already under our belt, I’m excited by what our next century in Toronto has to offer.


President & CEO, Sanofi Pasteur Canada

A veteran of the industry for over 30 years, Mark has helped Sanofi Pasteur become a billion dollar enterprise in Canada, manufacturing over 50 million doses of vaccines for both domestic and international markets.



Vaccines manufactured in Toronto are shipped to more than 80 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE.

Approximately 95% OF OUR PRODUCTS exported to global markets.

The company invests approximately $90 MILLION ANNUALLY in Canadian vaccines R&D (over $1.4 billion sinace 2000)

1755 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, ON M2R 3T4
T: 416-667-2700


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